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Meaningful Ways to Honour Your Pet, What to Do with Pet Ashes?

Grieving for a lost pet is real and leaves a deep hole, much like losing a family member. 

“What to do with pet ashes?” is a common query as pet owners deal with their loss. In order to preserve your beloved companion’s spirit and pay tribute to their memories, we wanted to provide some heartfelt suggestions based on our years of experience talking to our customers.

It is a very personal choice, and when you are grieving it can be difficult to know how best to memorialise your loved one. You can store, bury, or scatter your pet’s cremated remains, but some people want something that helps them capture the special relationship they had with their pet, such as memorial jewellery, or memorial items.

Jewellery for Pet Cremation: An Emotional Tribute

Pet cremation jewellery means pet owners can carry a tiny bit of their pet’s ashes in a uniquely created piece. Having a memory of your loved one you can carry with you, or see every day, can offer comfort. This kind of memorial jewellery, which can take the form of a necklace, bracelet, or ring, guarantees that your pet will be with you every single day. There are several way to encapsulate your beloved pet’s ashes within cremation jewellery: 

Pet Ashes Into Glass:

You can have a small sample of your pet’s ashes turned into beautiful glass within a pendant or ring. This means your jewellery will be as unique as your companion. 

Cremation Rings: 

Rings are one of the most popular pieces of memorial jewellery and can easily be worn every day. Ashes can be encapsulated within them to create a beautiful ring you can always keep with you. 

Urn Lockets and Pendants for Pets:

Urn lockets and pendants allow you to store a small part of your pet’s ashes within them. You can even store a small amount of hair or a photo.

Original souvenirs and keepsakes

Some prefer a tangible item that you can keep in your home that makes a unique and distinctive keepsake you can keep with you forever. These also make meaningful gifts for a loved one. 

Glass with Ashes of a Pet

A tiny amount of your pet’s ashes can be incorporated by glass artisans into exquisite stained glass pieces, preserving a memento that embodies the light and spirit of your beloved friend. You can use this one-of-a-kind artwork as a daily reminder of your pet’s colourful life. Glass can be formed into a wide collection of items, and we have provided a few of our most popular suggestions below: 

Ornaments for the home:

Glass can catch the light in your home adding colour and light. This can add a small comfort and help you remember your pet.

Christmas decoration

By incorporating a small amount of your pet’s ashes into a Christmas ornament, you can ensure they are remembered throughout the festive season and are part of special family gatherings. This is a particularly special way to help children to remember a loved one.

Garden tributes and memorial stones

Your garden can become a tranquil place of remembering by making a lovely ornamental stone or beautiful decorative stone in honour of your cherished family pet. A living monument that matures with time.

Returning to Nature and Spreading the Ashes

Reintroducing their pet’s ashes to the natural world brings solace to many owners.We have collated some recommendations to think about when planning to remember your beloved pet and disperse their ashes:

In Their Preferred Location

Think about where you want to to scatter your pet’s ashes. It could be in their favorite spot, whether it was a sunny garden place or a serene park they loved to visit. It lets your pet sleep at a spot they were fond of. We also recommend thinking about whether you would like to come back and visit the space to remember your pet.

Using Water for Burial

A biodegradable pet urn and a water burial can be a lovely farewell for most pets who like being in the water. By using this technique, their last resting place will be in a setting they loved.

Memorial Trees

One option to remember your pet is to plant a memorial tree in a forest. It’s crucial to confirm local laws before sprinkling ashes in public areas. This can be a comforting activity for the family and a place you can come back and visit as your tree grows over the years. 

Digital Memorials

Another wonderful way to honour your pet’s life in the digital age is to create an online tribute. You can create digital photo albums and even invite collaboration with loved ones further afield to share their memories, pictures and feelings in a shared digital album.

Acts of Charity and Education

To help future animals to find loving homes, and loving owners like yourself, you may consider working with, or donating  to animal welfare organisations. By doing this, you can make sure that your pet leaves a lasting legacy that meaningfully helps the community and enhances the welfare of other animals.

Serving as a volunteer at animal rescues or shelters can help you deal with loss whilst remembering your pet.

Making the Choice: An Individual Journey

Making a very personal decision about your pet’s ashes is important. The most crucial thing is that your choice feels right for you and celebrates the relationship you had with your pet, whether you decide to disperse them in a spot they loved or retain them in a stylish urn.

Choosing what to do with pet ashes is a testimonial to the love and connection we feel with our pets, and to recognise the influence they had on your life.