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When you lose a pet, you lose a part of yourself. At times, you may feel lost without your companion there to greet you when you come through the door. When they’re gone, they leave us with a huge hole that is impossible to fill.

A touching and personal way to remember your pet is by designing your own personalised piece of pet ashes jewellery. We can help you transform your pet’s ashes or fur into a stunning piece of bespoke jewellery so that you can forever keep them close to you and take them with you wherever you go.

Our easy-to-use process allows you to customise your jewellery, including choice of gemstone, inscription, and other unique features that make your pet ashes jewellery one of a kind. Our team of artisans will treat your pet’s ashes with respect and care as they immortalise them in a stunning, handcrafted piece of pet cremation jewellery.

Browse our selection of beautiful pet ashes jewellery below.