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Crystallure Memorial Signet Ring

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An impressive memorial ring, fusing a small amount of your loved-one’s cremation ashes into Crystallure, which is encased in 9ct Gold or Stirling Silver.

Crystallure is a coloured transparent material, similar to glass, which can incorporate ashes or hair, with a touch of sparkle and is resistant to breakage.

Available in 9ct Gold or Sterling Silver, and sizes L to Z.  All our Crystallure memorial jewellery is available in a range of Crystallure colours.

Head approx 10mm diameter.

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Made To Order


EC- Crystallure Colour

XX- Ring Size (L - Z)

EC- Engraving up to 20 Chars

XX- Include Ashes & Hair

When you order this item, we will send you a small pouch with a return addressed envelope for you to send us your loved one's ashes, hair, or fur, for inclusion. With the finished item, you will receive a Certificate of Authenticity stating the name(s) of your loved-one(s) of whom the inclusions are of.

    Please let us know the items you want us to include.

  • Please state.

  • Please give us the name of your loved one for the Certificate of Authenticity. (If the Inclusions are of more than one individual, please give the names of each, separated by commas)

Product total

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  • Usually delivered within 11-12 weeks.
  • Handcrafted to order by British artisans, with the utmost respect and care.
  • Monthly payment option available


Ash & Hair ingredients: When you order this item, we will immediately send you a package containing a small pouch for you to place some ashes or hair, and a return addressed envelope to return the pouch back to us. Full instructions will be included.
Your loved one’s remains will always be handled with great care and respect, and we will return all unused material to you with your finished order.
Other methods of collection & delivery are available, please see our Delivery information page.

Crystallure is a new coloured transparent material which can incorporate ashes or hair, with a touch of sparkle and resistant to breakage.  All our Crystallure memorial jewellery is available in a choice of Crystallure colours.

All of our Crystallure memorial jewellery is designed by one of the best female jewellers in Britain, who individually and personally crafts them specifically for you, fusing a small amount of your loved-one’s ashes into Crystallure and precious jewellery, providing a unique beautiful memorial by which to remember them.

Sizing of rings. Ordering the correct size of ring is entirely your responsibility. We recommend that you seek professional assistance in ensuring the correct sizing. Many local jewellers are happy to provide this service. If you inadvertently instruct us to provide a size of product that does not fit the intended recipient then we will use our best endeavours to resize the item if it is possible, but this will be a chargeable service.

Engraving: The amount of engraving is subject to the free space available on each specific item. We promise that we will faithfully replicate the words, letters, numbers and characters exactly as you specify. However, we cannot be responsible for any errors in the information which you give to us, such as spellings, capitalisation, punctuation, bracketing etc.


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