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Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions About Our Memorial Jewellery

We receive a lot of different enquiries through our website, by phone or social media about our memorial and remembrance jewellery. With so many beautiful products to choose from, including bereavement rings, necklaces and bracelets, as well as cremation keepsakes for the home, it’s only natural to have questions.

To help you shop and select the right product for you at such a sensitive time, here are some of our most frequently asked questions.

Although we operate online, we are unlike most online retailers. We actually like talking to you, and are always happy to chat about our products on the phone. If you can’t find an answer here, or you want more information, just call us on 01908 886 167 (or +441908 886 167 if you are outside the UK). Our switchboard is open 24/7/365.

How long will my order take?

With the exception of a few pieces, all of our items are lovingly made to order by our team of specialist artisans. These artists and specialist jewellers are experts in their craft when it comes to memorial jewellery. They are in demand at all times of the year, so it may take a few weeks for us to deliver to you. Our delivery times are marked against each item and we work hard to ensure that we never exceed these stated times.

What are the delivery charges?

Delivery is free of charge for all UK orders and uses Royal Mail Special Delivery. We also offer delivery with a signature to the Republic of Ireland, Mainland Europe, USA, Canada, Australia and New Zealand, with an additional 5-7 days on the delivery timeframe. This doesn’t include delivery for heavier designs, such as projects that include infusing cremation ashes into crystal glass (like our glass sculptures and memorial glassware items).

For other locations not mentioned above, we can advise on costs when you get in touch.

How much ash will be needed?

Generally we suggest that a dessert spoonful or middle size spoonful of cremation ashes be used to create your ashes jewellery, ornament or keepsake. However, we can also work with much less. You may be wondering what to do with ashes when you don’t have a lot – but we’ve created products with all amounts, down to a few grains of ash. If that’s all you have, don’t be afraid to get in touch and we’ll see what’s possible.

We will always carefully preserve and secure cremation ashes and return any materials that we do not use, back to you. All of our artisans are committed to the sanctity of the ash you send us, and always treat materials with the greatest respect.

Why are cremated ashes different colours?

If you’ve seen memorial jewellery or cremation ashes art before, you may notice some natural and beautiful colour variations. Ash comes in various colours from almost white to almost black. This is to do with a number of different processes and factors. So please bear this in mind when ordering.

If you order one of our beautiful pieces with glitter added (such as a glitter memorial pendant or glitter memorial ring), please think about how the colour of your ash will show against the glitter. If you would like advice on different colours and looks created with ashes jewellery, please call us on 01908 886 167.

How much hair will be needed?

This depends very much on the item ordered but, generally, a few strands between your fingertips will be fine for hair memorial jewellery. The same applies for all pet memorial lockets, pendants and charms where fur is used.

If the piece you would like shows the hair (or the fur or mane of a pet), you will need to think about colours. White hair won’t show up as well against light colours and dark hair won’t show up as well against dark colours. Please note that hair cannot be used in glass because the high temperature needed to make the glass would destroy the hair.

Can I have both ash and hair in it?

In Crystarosin jewellery or Crystallure jewellery, any self-fill items (such as capsule pendants) or any titanium pieces, both hair and ashes can be used together. However, hair cannot be used in glass products because the formation of the glass requires too high a temperature for the hair to survive the process.

Can I have my piece with more than one person’s ash or hair in it?

Yes, how you create your perfect memorial jewellery or cremation keepsake is up to you. We will help you design a piece to remember and honour as many people as you like.

How do I fill a Pendant Urn?

We have a wonderful selection of Urn Pendants which are all relatively simple to fill. (These will be marked as “Self-Fill” items).  Depending on which type of pendant you are interested in, there are a few very slight differences in sealing the contents.  For precise instructions, please refer to our Blog ‘How to Fill an Urn Pendant’.  We also send out instructions on how to fill one of our urns with every purchase made.

Can I order by phone?

Yes, we take orders over the phone. Just call us on 01908 886 167 at any time.

How do I get my ash or hair to you?

After placing your order online, we will send you a return addressed package containing a velvet pouch and full instructions on how to return your ash or hair to us. If you are outside the UK, we will contact you to discuss how to do this.

How long will memorial jewellery take to be made?

Every item has a delivery time specified in the detailed description. You can be sure that we 100% adhere to that promise.

All of our remembrance jewellery and ornaments are specifically made for you, which is why we cannot offer express delivery and next day delivery options. Occasionally we are asked for a very specific delivery date. If you need that call us and we will always do our best to meet your required date.

Do you have a catalogue?

Our entire catalogue of products is available online on our website. We have over 300 items, including products for her and products for him, and every week we are adding more items. We bring on board new artisans frequently – if we had a paper catalogue, it would be out of date within a couple of weeks. However, if you need help browsing, just call us on 01908 886 167.

How many characters can I have on the engraving?

Items that can be engraved, such as our bangles or memorial rings, have a section whereby you can choose the text of the engraving. Some items are hand engraved so the number of letters (including spaces) may be limited.

E.g. ‘My Love Forever xx’ will be 18 characters including spaces.

Some pieces are laser engraved, in which case more letters and spaces can be used. But please bear in mind that the more characters you want, the smaller the font will be. In some cases, it may become difficult to read. If in doubt ask our team and we will advise.

Can I wear my remembrance jewellery all of the time?

This will depend on the type of jewellery you choose and the material used.

Our Titanium and Zirconium rings are so robust that you can wear them without fear of damage or deterioration. They are also hypoallergenic, making them safe from any allergic skin reactions.

Our solid Sterling Silver 925 pieces are robust but will tarnish with time and exposure to the elements, perspiration and other chemicals.

Our solid 9 carat gold pieces are robust but will also naturally tarnish with time and exposure. Think about solid gold wedding bands and the general wear and tear seen on them over time.

Silver and gold pieces of lighter construction should be worn with some care and removed when you are engaged in more vigorous activities or subject to chemical exposure (eg: in swimming pools or the sea).

We have many pieces that include Crystarosin or Crystallure. These are less robust and should always be removed for vigorous activity and any interaction with chemicals such as when swimming, washing up, gardening etc. Many perfumes, shower gels and body lotions can also have a reaction to these pieces.

Can you deliver to countries outside the UK?

Yes, we frequently ship to other countries, including Mainland Europe, The Irish Republic, Australia, New Zealand, Canada and The USA. It may add 5-7 days for delivery times, and there may be added costs for heavier items such as our glass paperweights. We will always advise you if there are any issues.

Can I have something bespoke made?

Some of our artisans are happy to make special items at additional cost and time. Ask us and we will advise.

Can I have my design in a colour that’s not displayed?

Many of our cremation jewellery pieces or ashes homeware come in a range of colours and sometimes these can be varied for a special reason. If you would like your item created in a particular colour option that’s not displayed on our website, get in touch. We will advise on what’s possible.

Can I visit your shop to browse memorial gifts and jewellery?

Sorry but we don’t have a physical shop or boutique. All of our dedicated team work from home or their own studios, including our network of talented artisan designers. Sometimes it is possible for you to visit to see a specific piece but it has to be by appointment to save you a wasted journey.

Are there any examples of memorial jewellery I can see?

Sometimes it is possible for you to visit our team to view a specific piece. This is by appointment only, so please get in touch with us if you would like to see something in person.

Can my piece be made with pet ash, hair or fur?

Yes, of course. Much of what we send out is made with animal ash, hair or fur for remembering pets. We have a great range of pet ashes jewellery, ideal for people looking for cat memorial jewellery, dog memorial jewellery and other remembrance pieces. This collection includes bracelets, pendants, earrings and cufflinks, as well as decorative ornaments.

We also have a special section dedicated to horse memorial jewellery for horse lovers.

Can you add the ash/gem into my existing jewellery?

Unfortunately this can not be done as it would involve altering an existing piece of jewellery. Our artisans would not be able to guarantee the quality of the finished piece due to it not being their own work. Cremation jewellery is an art that requires a lot of sensitivity and care, and that’s why it’s only recommended that artisans work only with their own materials under their own processes. This ensures that your product is beautiful, fit for purpose and made to the highest quality.

Can you use the gold from my existing jewellery?

We are unable to use the gold or other metals from existing jewellery pieces. Our artisans take the utmost care in creating seamlessly designed and finished products, and this can only be guaranteed when using their own materials.