HM Queen Elizabeth II

21st April 1926  ~  8th September 2022

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UK Made Memorial Jewellery

UK Made Memorial Jewellery

We are proud to support UK artisans and makers.

You will notice that the majority of products have the Union Flag, proudly displaying that almost  all of our jewellery is British made.

Why British Talent?

Using British talent allows us to create memorial jewellery that is in tune with your taste and is of the highest quality. We love doing this because these items are unique and as special, just like your loved ones.

We have a selection of specially selected artisans, jewellers, and craftspeople who run small-scale craft workshops here in the UK making limited edition memorial items especially for you.

We have chosen to support British-made because:
  • We demand quality; we are able to visit our artists and review their methods.
  • We are committed to meeting our delivery deadlines.
  • All of our materials are guaranteed to British quality standards.
  • Our unique relationships with our suppliers ensure that our customers receive unique pieces that they’ll love.

Our memorial glassware is made in small British glass foundries to exacting standards. Even matching pairs have tiny craft variations, showcasing the unique nature of our pieces.

We can guarantee that items made outside the United Kingdom are of the same high standard for which we are renowned.  The artisans selected overseas create some of our self-filled urns.  They also have to show their commitment to high standards of workmanship and delivery deadline assurances.

We understand the importance of memorial jewellery to our customers. We preserve the memory of your loved one with the utmost respect and care. Poor quality imitations are both disappointing and common, and we believe that all our handcrafted items stand out against them.