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How Remembrance Jewellery Can Ease Grief

After a loss, having a tangible link to a loved one may be incredibly consoling and reassuring. Memorial jewellery is a meaningful and touching way to hold loved ones near to your heart. It can provide comfort even in the worst moments of sadness. This article examines the various kinds of memorial jewellery, their significance, and how they can help support bereaved individuals.

Memorial jewellery, sometimes referred to as remembering jewellery, is a lovely way to honour and remember a loved one who has passed. It goes much beyond being a simple piece of jewellery, it can give the wearer a feeling that their loved one is always with them.

Choosing the ideal memorial jewellery is a very personal and frequently difficult process. It means reflecting on the life, personality, and inclinations of the departed loved one. Below we have tried to give you as much information as possible to help you with your choice.

A Tradition of Love and Memory:

Wearing memorial jewellery to pay tribute to lost loved ones, has a long history and has grown to include many different types of jewellery over time. It is a tradition that has grown, now allowing you so much choice, and creativity to ensure that your jewellery is right for you. Among the many possibilities available, you could choose a charm, bracelet, necklace, ring, vase, Christmas decoration and many more.

Make Your Memorial Jewellery Unique:

One beautiful touch we recommend is to personalise memorial jewellery. You can make the piece personal to you, or reflect the personality of the loved one you are remembering. This can help add an additional level of comfort, knowing the piece is unique to you, your special memories and your loved one. Whether it’s by the addition of ashes inside a necklace, picking a certain colour, an engraved signature on a bracelet, or etching a favourite quote into the design, these personal touches make each piece unique and special to you.

Types of Remembrance Jewellery and how they can help:

Necklaces: A sentimental way to hold onto memories


One of the most popular options for memorial jewellery; necklaces allow you to keep a loved one’s memory close to your heart. Necklaces are a subtle yet effective way to carry your love and memories with you everywhere you go, whether it’s a locket holding a picture or ashes in a pendant.

Charms and Bracelets: Daily Reminders


Charms and bracelets enable the bearer to always carry a tiny yet meaningful memento of their loved one. These items can be made more unique by adding initials, dates, or symbols that have special meaning for the wearer. These can be worn daily as small but significant mementos to help provide a little comfort.

Rings: A Circle of Love


Rings are one of the most popular memorial jewellery choices. They are easy to wear, can carry huge meaning and significance and always look beautiful. They are also a more popular choice for those who don’t wear a lot of other jewellery items – for example memorial jewellery for men.

Choosing your Materials

Some choose to find comfort in wearing memorial jewellery every day. To help this, the quality of the jewellery is crucial when choosing memorial pieces.  It not only guarantees the jewellery’s robustness and longevity, but it also captures the significance of memories made. 

If the item is to be worn as in everyday life, it will need to be robust! 

Consider stain and sweat-proof jewellery to ensure it is always looking its best – look out for materials such as titanium, zirconium or stainless steel, all of which will last longer and are more durable when you are wearing them daily. 

A Family Tree of Memories

In addition to providing comfort to you, memorial jewellery leaves a lasting memory. It becomes a material link to the past that can be passed down through the generations. It helps some of us to talk about loved ones we have lost. Memorial jewellery can also spark stories and conversations, which in turn helps to preserve your loved one’s memory.

Honouring Life and Love

Memorial jewellery is a meaningful way to convey memories and traditions, not just an ornament. It ensures that the memory of the departed will live on in the jewellery itself and in the hearts of those who wear it by paying homage to life and love.

Choosing to memorialise a loved one with jewellery is a comforting way to keep their memory near at hand as you grieve.