HM Queen Elizabeth II

21st April 1926  ~  8th September 2022

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How to choose memorial jewellery?

Choosing memorial jewellery is a deeply personal process that involves considering both the emotional significance and the practical aspects of the piece. Here are some guidelines to help you select a piece that best honours your loved one while also suiting your personal style and needs:

  1. Reflect on the Connection: Think about the unique relationship you had with the deceased. What type of jewellery would best represent that bond? For example, birthstone or fingerprint jewellery might be chosen for someone who had a profound personal impact on your life.

2. Consider Personal Preferences: Reflect on both your loved one’s and your own preferences in terms of style, material, and design. Choosing a piece that aligns with these preferences will ensure that the jewellery feels meaningful and comforting to wear.

  1. Think About Daily Wear: If you plan to wear the piece daily, consider durability and comfort. Gold and silver are softer materials.  However stainless steel, titanium and  zirconium are not only durable but also suitable for sensitive skin.


  1. Personalisation Options: Decide on the level of personalisation you want. This could range from engravings of names and dates to more personal items like incorporating ashes,  hair or fur.
  1. Budget: Memorial jewellery comes in a wide range of prices. Determine your budget early in the process to help narrow down your options without compromising the emotional value of the piece.

What to Consider When Ordering?


When you’re ready to order memorial jewellery, keep these considerations in mind to ensure a smooth process:


  1. Timing: Custom pieces take time to create, especially if they involve personalisation. Consider the timeframe and order well in advance if you need the jewellery by a specific date.


  1. Authenticity of Materials: Ensure that you’re ordering from a reputable source that uses high-quality materials. This is particularly important for pieces that incorporate ashes or other personal elements. Footprints and Whispers expect outstanding quality from their  artisans, including all materials they use. Materials are verified to ensure they meet standards.   


  1. Privacy and Respect: When providing personal items like ashes or hair, ensure your chosen company handles these materials with the utmost respect and privacy. Check their policies on how they manage and return unused materials. We pride ourselves on our UK-based customer service and five-star reviews. As a family business, we understand how precious and important your loved ones’ remains are.


  1. Reviews and Recommendations: Look for reviews or seek recommendations from others who have purchased memorial jewellery. Their experiences can provide valuable insights into the quality and service of the provider.


  1. Return Policy and Guarantee: Check the return policy and any guarantees offered by the company. 

Taking Care of Your Jewellery

Memorial jewellery, like all precious items, requires proper care to maintain its beauty and integrity over time. Here are some tips for keeping your memorial jewellery in the best condition:

  1. Regular Cleaning: Use a soft cloth and, if appropriate, mild soap and water to gently clean your jewellery. Avoid harsh chemicals that could damage sensitive materials.


  1. Storage: When not being worn, store your jewellery in a soft, lined box or pouch to prevent scratches and damage.


  1. Avoid Harsh Conditions: Remove your jewellery during activities that may expose it to harsh chemicals, extreme temperatures, or physical damage.


  1. Professional Maintenance: For pieces that contain gemstones or are made of precious metals, consider having them professionally cleaned and inspected periodically to ensure settings are secure and the material is in good condition.


  1. Handling with Care: Always handle your memorial jewellery with care, especially pieces that contain ashes or other fragile elements. Be mindful of their sentimental value and treat them with the respect and care they deserve.


By carefully selecting, thoughtfully ordering, and diligently caring for your memorial jewellery, you ensure that the memory of your loved one is preserved in a manner that is both meaningful and enduring.