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21st April 1926  ~  8th September 2022

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Honouring Fathers On Father’s Day

Honouring Dads on Father's Day
with Memorial and Bereavement Jewellery

Father’s Day is a special occasion dedicated to celebrating the huge impact Dads, Grandads and Father-figures have on our lives. For some, it’s a day for heartfelt gifts and celebrations. For others, particularly those who have lost family members, it can be a time of reflection and mixed emotions.

Memorial and bereavement jewellery can offer a meaningful way to honour and remember Dads, Grandads, Sons, or family who have passed away. Ashes or hair can be encapsulated within the memorial jewellery to offer comfort, connection, and a way to celebrate the memory of a loved one. Memorial jewellery can also provide unique, memorable gifts for the Dads still with us so they can remember a loved one they would like to hold close.

In this article we wanted to provide some of our favourite memorial jewellery to help you celebrate the memory of your Dad, or give a memorable gift your Father will treasure forever. 

Choosing the Right Piece

If you are buying memorial jewellery for your Father as a gift, try to reflect on what your Dad loves and wears. Would he appreciate a subtle, elegant piece,  something more bold, or something detailed? 

If you are buying memorial jewellery to celebrate and remember the memory of your Father,  perhaps reflect on some of the many fond memories that you have. Choosing details such as his favourite colours or styles can make it personal to you. Choosing something you can wear every day can add comfort by having a memory you can carry every day. 

When looking into Memorial Jewellery, don’t forget to check the customisation options too. Here at Footprints & Whispers, much of our jewellery is lovingly made by our UK artisans so we can make the jewellery even more special by adding engravings and customisations. 

Our Favourite Memorial Jewellery for Father's Day

Leather Bracelet – perfect for a Father’s Day Gift: 

With a brushed Stainless Steel clasp incorporating your loved one’s ashes or hair inside a Crystagem rectangle. This memorial bracelet can be engraved with up to 10 characters.

Sterling Silver Cufflinks – a beautiful way to honour a loved one

Cufflinks can be worn for a special occasion or everyday to keep a loved one close. These cufflinks can be infused with your loved one’s hair or ashes, and are set within Sterling Silver.

Memorial Signet Ring – a meaningful gift, or unique way to honour the memory of your Father

A Ring can be worn everyday to keep a loved one closeby and provide comfort.  The gems can be infused with your loved one’s cremation ashes or hair.  Here are two different styles you could choose from.

Crystonium is a new transparent material, resistant to breakage and is polished to a high gloss shine, so it’s durable for everyday wear. There is a selection of beautiful colours for you to choose from to make it a unique and personal item. 

Gift Certificate – Allow your loved one to make a personal choice themselves at a time that feels right. 

Choosing Memorial Jewellery can be an emotional journey, giving a gift certificate means your loved one can create a unique, personal and memorable item of jewellery when they feel ready. It can be a thoughtful way to support your loved ones.