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What is remembrance jewellery?

When our loved ones pass, many of us will want keepsakes to remember them by. Physical objects help us feel a deeper connection, even when our loved ones are gone. This sort of sentimentality has been shared in every culture throughout history, and jewellery is one of the most popular ways to keep those we’ve lost close to our hearts.

Today, remembrance jewellery comes in many forms, and can mean different things for everyone. It can be a necklace, ring, bracelet, pendant or keepsake to help you cherish the life of a friend, spouse, or family member.


What kind of remembrance jewellery should I choose?

There are many different types of jewellery with which to remember your loved ones. Some ideas include engraved pendants, lockets for storing ashes or photos, gemstones made from ashes, jewellery made with a lock of hair, bracelets with charms, or memorial cufflinks for men.

When selecting the right piece, it’s important to remember that sentiment and meaning takes precedence over usual criteria when shopping for jewellery. Things such as weight, gem cut or price may not be as valuable to you. However, always choose a piece that has been made to a high quality so that it lasts for years to come.

Finding the right style is also important because your jewellery is designed to be worn everyday. Pendants can be a great idea if your style tends to change as the chain can be altered, or it can even be attached to a bracelet instead. One of the most famous historical jewelled artefacts owned by the Royal Collection Trust once belonged to Queen Victoria, who added a new charm to her bracelet for every child to whom she gave birth (all nine). So charms can be ideal for remembering multiple people who were dear to you.


Getting jewellery made from the ashes of loved ones

Ashes jewellery is one of the most popular forms of remembrance jewellery. There are many ways that cremation ashes can be incorporated into jewellery design, so you can select the right style that works for you. Whether you want something subtle that only you and your closest family members know about, or an urn pendant, using cremation ashes for jewellery is a great addition to scattering or storing at home.

Only a very small amount of ashes is needed to create your chosen jewellery piece. Some options you could consider are:

The colour of loved ones’ ashes do vary, and so will weight and consistency. This is due to many different natural factors, but experienced jewellers can help you achieve jewellery to any colour of your liking.


Getting jewellery made from hair

An alternative to ashes jewellery is memorial jewellery made from the hair of your loved ones. This is ideal for non-cremation ceremonies or for those who prefer to scatter all the ashes somewhere special.

Inlaid hair inside gem earrings or cufflinks can be a great way of locking a memory inside a piece of jewellery forever, with a beautiful finish that looks the part for any formal occasion. Or pendant capsules can be a fantastic idea for storing any keepsakes you desire, with easy self-filling for locks of hair.


Can I get jewellery designed to honour my pets?

Remembering our pets is just as important as celebrating the lives of our human friends and family members. Whether you’ve had to say goodbye to a dog, cat, horse, rabbit or hamster, losing a pet can be extremely difficult. Some pets spend years or even decades as a part of your family, and mourning them can be just as devastating as losing a close relative.

So whether you’ve lost a furry friend or something more exotic like a reptile, cremation can be a good way to mark their passing and to have a part of them to hold onto forever. Pet cremation services can be similar to the ones for humans, and you’ll only need a very small amount of ashes to create your perfect pet memorial jewellery. Jewellery items made from ashes can also be a wonderful gift for someone close to you who has lost their beloved animal companion. Just be sure to ask for permission to use their ashes.

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