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A guide to pet loss memorial jewellery

Saying goodbye to a beloved pet is one of the biggest heartbreaks we can experience in life. These faithful companions warm what can often seem a cold, cruel world. They greet us first thing in the morning and see us off last thing at night. They stay by our side through the good and bad times and they offer unconditional love. 

The grief of losing a pet is painful and universally felt by pet owners all over the world. Yet grieving for a tiny furball, a four-legged friend or an exotic animal isn’t always taken seriously. Pets are cherished in every culture, so celebrating them should be of great importance.  Keepsakes such as pet loss memorial jewellery can be a good way to keep them close to your heart, even when they are no longer around for cuddles, walks or play time. 

Do you want to have something to preserve your pet’s memory forever? Here’s our complete guide to getting your pet memorial jewellery designed just for you.


What kind of pet memorial jewellery to choose

There are many types of pet jewellery available, including pendants and necklaces, bracelets and bangles, cufflinks or earrings. Preserving your pet’s ashes or hair in jewellery items can be a beautiful way to honour them, and there’s a lot of choice to suit all kinds of jewellery wearers.

Some are elegant and subtle, so no-one will have to know the meaning behind your bespoke piece unless you decide to tell them. These can also style seamlessly with a formal wardrobe, making them more than just standard everyday pieces – they are extra special for life’s most important occasions.

Or you can choose to wear your heart on your sleeve with something like an engraved bangle. Our Sterling Silver Engraved Torque Bangle can be made with the imprint of your pet’s ashes and words of your choice. You can also find rings for both men and women, cufflinks, and capsule pendants that are designed for easy self-filling with hair or ashes.

If you are buying a gift and need it by a certain date, self-filling memorial jewellery is the best option. These can be despatched very quickly if there is no engraving or personalisation required. But if you’re not in a hurry, the tailor-made designs are definitely worth the wait.


Ordering jewellery made from your pet’s ashes

The process is straight-forward and simple when you decide to order pet loss memorial jewellery online. Once you have found the perfect item you want to customise, you will need to:

  1. Place your order and make the payment
  2. Await instructions on handling ashes (at Footprints & Whispers, we send you a pouch and a return addressed envelope with full instructions)
  3. Send the hair or ashes to us in the return addressed package that we send to you
  4. Await your beautifully-made item of jewellery (some items can take a few weeks to be made and despatched)


There isn’t just one way to preserve your pet’s ashes either in the art of memorial jewellery making. As well as being able to buy self-fill urn pendants, lockets and capsules, there are some unique jewellery-making methods that can delight any recipient. Some of the different ways we can use pet cremation ashes include:

  • Preserving ashes in crystal glass
  • Inlaying ashes into Crystarosin and Crystallure jewellery
  • Ash imprinting


The process of getting your pet cremated

Are you thinking of getting your pet cremated? In recent years, pet cremation has grown as an industry. This means that finding a pet crematorium near you is easier than it’s ever been.

Dogs and cats are the most common pets to be cremated, but some crematoria can also cater for smaller pets such as rabbits, hamsters, gerbils or guinea pigs. There are some companies that can even provide a service for exotic animals such as reptiles, or larger animals such as horses.

Many now offer private cremation, and this ensures that it’s only your pet’s ashes and that the ashes you receive aren’t mixed with others.

To find beautiful jewellery for men and women mourning the loss of their pet, take a look at our range of pet loss memorial jewellery online.