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10 Ways to Keep Your Loved One’s Memory Alive

Grief is not…a “two steps forward, one step backward” kind of journey; it is often one step forward, two steps in a circle, one step backward. It takes time, patience, and, yes, lots of backward motion before forward motion occurs. – Dr. Alan Wolfelt

Losing someone close to you is the most heart-breaking and hardest thing we have to face in our life. They are gone and nothing we can do will bring them back. However, what we can do is to remember and celebrate our loved one in ways that can help us heal.

The relationship we now have with our departed loved one is one of memories and memories will never die. 

Don’t be afraid to remember them. Tell their story and keep their memory alive.

There are many ways of keeping your loved one’s memory alive now and for generations to come. Memorial Jewellery and Keepsakes Decorate your Christmas tree with a memorial keepsake We have put together some ‘In Memory’ ideas. Maybe picking two or three tangible ways to remember your loved one will continue to keep them feeling close to you and still be very much part of your life.

A very popular way of treasuring a loved one’s memory forever is encapsulating ashes or hair in memorial jewellery and keepsakes. There are so many wonderful ranges of traditional and contemporary designs to choose from.

Decorate your Christmas tree with a memorial keepsake

Festive events are often difficult when you have lost your loved one. However, by adding a special decoration to a tree or a table decoration in memory of your beloved, can bring a little sparkle back.

Plant a tree

Planting a tree in honour of a loved one is a wonderful tribute with significant and heart-warming symbolism. You may want to plant a tree in your garden as a living memoriam to your loved one or you may prefer to dedicate a tree in a forest or woodland. Organisations such as the National Forest or Woodland Trust offer ways to help you plant a tree in memory.

Take up an activity that was dear to your loved one’s heart

Maybe your loved one was an enthusiastic gardener or into sport. Taking up the activity in their name would certainly carry on their legacy. Indeed, talking to people who participated with them and enjoying their stories is a really positive way of remembering your loved one.


Offering help to organisations that assisted your loved one and family through a very difficult time, is an excellent way of giving back in their name. Either working as a volunteer in a shop or at a hospital offering support to other people can be an excellent channel for your own welfare improvement.

Take part in a charity event

Sometimes people like to say thank you to a charity for the help their loved one had received by participating in an event to raise money to help others in a similar position as your loved one. By raising funds in memory of your loved one is a wonderful way to express your appreciation.

Memory Book, Memory Box or Photo Display

Create a ‘memory book’, ‘memory box’ or photo display holding photos and items that were dear to you and your loved one. Remember to share the stories often with other family members and friends. This idea is great for children, as their memories fade over the years. Looking through a memory book or box can help a child continue to feel the bond with their lost loved one. If you have a DVD or video this can be viewed as many times as needed and is a much needed connection with the person loved and missed so

Re-create their favourite meal

Creating a dish that your loved one used to make is a wonderful way of carrying on the tradition. Sharing the recipe and adding a name to the title can be passed down through generations, always carrying a title such as ‘Uncle Tom’s duck delight …’ as an example.

Plan an annual event or get together with friends and family

Getting together with family and friends to celebrate the life of your loved may be a lovely annual ritual. Acknowledging a special date and perhaps leaving an empty chair to remember your loved one.

Set personal goals that would make your loved one proud

I hope we have given you some examples of different ways of remembering your
loved one. Whether it’s a family member or a friend, speak to them and speak about them often is the best way of keeping their memory alive. Always live your best life in honour of your loved one. Remember your loved one with a smile and grateful heart that you knew them.