HM Queen Elizabeth II

21st April 1926  ~  8th September 2022

Thank you for your service.

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Celebrating the father figure in your life

Anyone can be a father, but it takes a special person to be a dad ...

Father’s Day is a day to celebrate and remember fathers or maybe another male that has played a massive role in your life  – a step-father, grandfather, a mentor or maybe an uncle.

What is meaningful jewellery?

It is a piece of jewellery that has a very sentimental meaning for you.  It’s not just the beauty of the items, it’s more to do with what it represents – what it means to you.  It can represent your loved one, love, family and family bonds. 

It is also a wonderful way of treasuring a loved ones memory.  A father no longer with us, a grandad who passed away.  Their ashes or hair can be created within your chosen jewellery or keepsake.

Fathers who have lost a child. Remembering Father’s Day can be a day of sadness and reflection.  Memorial jewellery can bring a little comfort having a constant reminder close to your heart.


Special Father's Day gifts ...

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