Memorial Glassware For The Home

Every item here will be hand crafted for you by the very best of British craftspeople and jewellers who will turn your ashes into beautiful Crystal Glass. Each design has been carefully chosen by us and each artisan has been selected to ensure that everything you entrust to them will be treated with much care and total respect.
The perfect memorial gift – infuse your loved one’s ashes into glass
To find comfort and closure after losing a loved one, it is helpful to have a tangible memorial item. Of all the options available, infusing ashes into glass is one of the most beautiful ways to celebrate a dearly departed family member, beloved friend or a pet. Footprints and Whispers creates one-of-a-kind, handcrafted memorial glassware that will both light up your home and ensure that your loved one is always close by.
Creating a memorial to last a lifetime
To create unique glass pieces, we take a small quantity of ashes and infuse them within hot glass. What results is stunning glass art of different forms, including paperweights, tea lights and tapered decorative glasses – personal tributes to the departed that you will cherish for the rest of your life. In addition, each piece is handcrafted to individual specifications, to ensure each piece is unique. Unlike other materials, such as ceramics, wood or metal, glass does not rust, fade, tarnish or break down. All the glass art is proudly hand-crafted by some of the most skilled British craftspeople.
Ideal as gifts for larger families Infusing ashes into glass to create memorials is a great choice for large families since each piece only requires a small amount of ashes. Each member of your family will have their own keepsake to preserve your loved one’s memory. Both adults and children will be stunned by the craftsmanship and beauty of the crystal glass memorial pieces.
Why should you choose a memorial keepsake from Footprints and Whispers?
If you handle it with the care it deserves, your crystal glass memorial glassware should last for generations, becoming a cherished heirloom and well worth the investment. In addition, a percentage of each sale made by Footprints and Whispers goes to support the Eye Department of the Birmingham Children’s Hospital. Buying memorial glassware will not only keep the memory of your loved one alive but also go towards a good cause.

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