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New to Whispers and Footprints, we are introducing a range of beautiful memorial lockets for ashes so that you can always keep your lost loved one close to your heart. Our stunning lockets are etched with a range of beautiful designs and feature crystal glass in a range of colours for a beautiful finished result.

Lockets can be customised with a photograph of your loved one, along with some of their ashes, to make a truly personal memorial. Your special locket may become a family heirloom, passed down through the generations. It could be given as a gift on a wedding day or other big occasion, or it could be made for you to wear every day.

The locket can be a big comfort to a bereaved parent or child andcan help them deal with the grief of loss. These beautiful lockets are designed to last for many years. They are a lasting memorial that ensures somebody departed is never forgotten. They can be etched and engraved with personal messages to create something unique to you and worn on your own chain or purchased with a fine rope or link chain from the Whispers and Footprints store.

The Angel Heart and Plain Heart lockets are among our most popular lockets, though the traditional oval engraved design is also frequently chosen. We also have a selection of more unusual and individual locket designs in our store. Footprints and Whispers uses carefully selected artisan jewellers to create our fine memorial lockets, pendants and charms. We ensure that every piece we sell is crafted to the highest standards, and we treat the ashes of your loved one with great care and respect during all stages of the jewellery-making process.

The finished piece will be extremely personal and sentimental to you, and we work hard to produce beautiful jewellery that you can treasure forever.

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