Ashes Into Art by Kevin

Capturing cremation ashes in 3D wall art

Welcome to the new section of our website that offers cremation paintings and wall art in various forms so that you will have an everlasting treasure of your loved one in your home.

This collection by Kevin is an original art form from this very talented artist. He creates his own unique pieces of art in the base colours chosen by you. He then encapsulates your loved one’s ashes into the body of a butterfly or dragonfly and mounts this onto a painting on top of an embossed flower in a collage form to create a stunning picture in a modern frame. By turning ashes to art Kevin forms a very special picture for you.

The butterfly has huge and far-reaching spiritual significance across many continents and many religions. A butterfly is a small creature upon the earth before it becomes a beautiful and almost ethereal creature flying through the sky. It has come to mean immortality and/or rebirth in many cultures so is a truly appropriate symbol to remember that special person who was so close to you.

As with all other memoria from Footprints and Whispers, Kevin is a British artist working in The UK.

These artistic pieces are set out below with the various colour options. All frames are 34 cm wide and 42 cm high. The included frame is black with white mount, or silver with white mount as an option.

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