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There is nothing in life so devastating as the loss of a loved one.
With the desire to create a more fitting tribute to the memory of your loved one, Crystal Glass Specialist has developed a method of fusing the ashes into crystal glass, which can then be hand-formed into a range of stunning memorial products.
The process requires only a small amount of ashes, typically one tablespoon per item ordered and each finished piece is accompanied by a signed Authentication card.

Our products are specifically created by our artisans just for you and you alone. However, Helen really enjoys making very special ornaments that are entirely different, and to designs conceived or drawn by you.
If you would like one of these extra special items then please talk to us and we will do our best to make them for you.
Since these are your design concepts we cannot possibly envisage what these may cost. Consequently, we will provide a separate quotation for you.
We will ask you what you envisage and then we will get the appropriate artisan to discuss it directly with you to ensure that they make exactly what you want.
Please call us on 01908 886167 or email: shop@footprintsandwhispers.co.uk

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