Eternity Crystallure Heart Memorial Ring

Crystallure Heart Ring

Silver & Diamond ‘Mum’ Memorial Locket

Silver & Diamond ‘Grandma’ Memorial Locket

Memorial Jewellery & Memorial Gifts

We delve into the corners of the British Isles to find high-quality artisans who will make very specific memorial jewellery, cremation jewellery and mementoes for you, making sure we only provide the very best. To become one of our Artisan Partners these artisans are carefully checked out by a team of three of us for the following criteria: quality, like, individuality, care, security and reliability.

We are a family run business with a stated intent to raise as much money for charity as possible. We started to do this with our Love2Donate initiative and then extended our activities in 2016 to include Footprints and Whispers. We decided that we would make contributions from every sale in Footprints and Whispers to Birmingham Children’s Hospital Charity in favour of the Eye Department.


Rings to Ashes

Ashes to Rings

Memorial Pendants

Memorial Pendants

What our customers say

"Received my dog tag today. Absolutely fantastic. I would recommend this company to anyone that wants their loved ones to be remembered in a very special way. Thanks to Brenda and Helen and all who helped prepare this sentimental piece of jewellery."
Keith Irving
Tree of Life Heart Urn Pendant

Tree Of Life, Heart Urn Pendant

Sterling Silver Inlaid Crystarosin Heart Memorial Pendant with Ashes

Inlaid Crystarosin Heart Memorial Pendant with Ashes

Transparent Urn Pendant

Transparent Urn Pendant, Ashes or Hair

For pet - Heart Vial Pendant

A guide to pet loss memorial jewellery

Saying goodbye to a beloved pet is one of the biggest heartbreaks we can experience in life. These faithful companions warm what can often seem a cold, cruel world. They greet us first thing in the morning and see us off last thing at night. They stay by our side through the good and bad […]

Butterfly - Purple, Pink and Lilac

Ashes into art – memorial paintings for the home

For centuries memorial jewellery has been worn by those who have lost someone close to them. With remembrance jewellery going as far back in history as ancient Egypt, it’s easy to see why rings and pendants are a popular choice for people suffering loss and bereavement. But jewellery isn’t the only way we can keep […]

Young woman gives a gift in a box

Where did the Practice of Memorial Jewellery Come From?

“Those who have passed away do not have to be forgotten…” Memorial jewellery can be divided into two clear categories, Memento Vitae and Memento Morie, memorable jewellery of the living and memorial jewellery for the deceased. Some very notable Memento Vitae would include: Richard Burton bought the very memorable jewel, the Taylor-Burton diamond, a 69.42 […]

Working on a ring

How Our Memorial Jewellery Is Made

Made in Great Britain

UK Made Memorial Jewellery

Birmingham Children’s Hospital Charity

Supporting Birmingham Childrens’ Hospital Charity