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Memorial Jewellery Care Tips

Keeping silver looking great

Silver of all grades needs a little TLC if it is to look its very best, and there may be a couple of issues for some wearers.

Firstly, it is a reactive metal and is not hypoallergenic, meaning a very small percentage of people are allergic to it. In fact, the very few people who appear allergic are likely to be reacting to the very small traces of nickel in 925 silver.

Sometimes this allergy can begin to show years after wearing a treasured piece of silver jewellery. So, for this very small group of people we recommend that you look at Footprints and Whispers sensational titanium or zirconium memorial jewellery, which is 100% hypoallergenic.

You can easily clean silver if it has become too tarnished by using silver cleaning fluid and then drying with a soft dry cloth.

If you give your memorial jewellery 1% of the TLC it gives you it will always look amazing.

Maintaining Gold Jewellery

With regular everyday wear gold jewellery will eventually accumulate a film of grease, body oils or soap that should be cleaned off to prevent build up and tarnishing.
Taking proper care of your gold jewellery means regular cleaning to ensure that it continues to be seen at its best and is always wore with pride.

Below are some tips to help you keep your gold in tip top condition:

1. Remove your gold jewellery before showering, bathing, or cleaning

Soap and chemicals can mark the gold, necessitating more frequent cleaning.

It can also scratch or break down the gold.  As gold is a soft metal, it can easily be damaged.

2. Don’t wear your gold jewellery in the pool or hot tub

Chlorine, like all other chemicals, can permanently discolour gold. 

You should take your jewellery off before going into a hot tub or a swimming pool.

3. Store all your gold jewellery separately

It is important to make sure your gold jewellery doesn’t touch any other jewellery when it’s being stored.  Because gold is a soft metal, it can easily scratch or bend out of shape if it comes into contact with other pieces of jewellery.

If you don’t have enough space to store items separately, try wrapping each piece in a soft cloth or pouch.

Hang up gold chains if you can. This prevents them from getting tangled. Tangled gold can break easily.

4. Buff your gold jewellery occasionally

Buffing your jewellery occasionally is a good way to maintain it.

Use a soft cloth and gently rub the surface of the piece.  This can help restore the shine of the jewellery right away without any further cleaning.

5. Cleaning your gold jewellery

Washing Up Liquid is the best option for cleaning your gold jewellery because it’s less abrasive than other cleaners. Squirt a few drops of washing up liquid into a small bowl full of warm water and swirl the water to mix it.[5]

Add your jewellery. You can leave your jewellery in for up to three hours. You can’t over-clean gold with this mixture, so please don’t worry about leaving it in too long.

If your jewellery has stones, don’t soak it. Instead, mix the cleaning mixture and then dip a soft cloth into it. Then use the cloth to carefully wipe down your jewellery item.

Rub your jewellery one piece at a time. This helps you avoid scratching any of your other jewellery items while you’re cleaning it. Dip it in the soapy water, and then gently rub it with your fingers (you can also use a cotton bud.)

Rinse your gold in warm water. Make sure that all traces of suds are gone.

Using a soft cloth, gently dry your jewellery.  You can also leave the jewellery out to air dry.

Looking after your Crystarosin and Crystallure Jewellery

To best care for your jewellery item, please follow these simple guidelines:

Remove your Crystarosin or Crystallure jewellery when:

  • Applying lotion, perfume, hairspray or other beauty products
  • Showering or swimming
  • Washing hands (if wearing a Crystarosin or Crystallure inlaid ring)
  • Cleaning with harsh chemicals

Please do not allow your Crystarosin or Crystallure jewellery to become extremely cold or hot. For example, don’t leave it in a car on a hot day.  If it does become extremely hot, it will become malleable – just allow to cool to room temperate before handling excessively.

Do not store in direct sunlight.

Cleaning and polishing

Crystarosin or Crystallure can be cleaned with a mild soap and water. The best way to restore its shine is to use a plastic polish.