HM Queen Elizabeth II

21st April 1926  ~  8th September 2022

Thank you for your service.

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Memorial Jewellery Care Tips

Memorial Jewellery Care Tips

Keeping silver looking great

Silver of all grades needs a little TLC if it is to look its very best, and there may be a couple of issues for some wearers.

Firstly, it is a reactive metal and is not hypoallergenic, meaning a very small percentage of people are allergic to it. In fact, the very few people who appear allergic are likely to be reacting to the very small traces of nickel in 925 silver.

Sometimes this allergy can begin to show years after wearing a treasured piece of silver jewellery. So, for this very small group of people we recommend that you look at Footprints and Whispers sensational titanium or zirconium memorial jewellery, which is 100% hypoallergenic.